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How diversity can improve your research strategy

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) combined with internationalisation will soon be at the core of research and research management, and we want to show you how you can use it to strengthen your research strategy on different levels of the organisation. Let EDI be a tool in your strategic approach to the research strategy for the university, the department, the group and the researcher. In addition it can support the strategic planning of individual applications.

Research Diversity

Using cultural intelligence to support diverse international research management

The workshop is designed to introduce research support officers to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and give them tools to work with EDI pre- and post-award and learn more about what value it brings to research proposals and research projects, publications, talent development and collaborations.

Researchers and research managers who are comfortable in their own skin are more effective, and no university can afford their staff not to perform at their best. Using participatory approaches and a cultural intelligence framework this Research Diversity Workshop will give you the tools to open up a conversation, navigate complexities and get the best out of your team.

The workshop is suitable for research managers and administrators, Principal Investigators and other researchers who want to create a positive environment, where everybody can contribute, and all kinds of diversity is seen as an asset for the group and the research project.

From LGBTQ+ researcher to LGBTQ+ leader

A workshop made for LGBTQ+ Researchers

This course supports the researchers who identify as LGBTQ+ on their journey into leadership positions in research. Covering leadership styles and general leadership skills such as communication, conflict resolution, delegation, strategy etc., each topic in seen from the perspective of being LGBTQ+ and what that means within international higher education. It also allows the individual participant the rare opportunity to develop a network of colleagues with a similar background and ambitions.

Research shows that despite progress many LGBTQ+ people are not out at work and that identifying as LGBTQ+ can impact on career progress and a sense of wellbeing at work. Developing an understanding of how your personal experiences support the development of you as an LGBTQ+ researcher can also enhance your leadership and collaboration skills.

The course consists of five thematic online sessions, two coaching sessions with a final additional follow-up workshop.

The course can be for LGTBQ+ researchers at one institutions or across institutions in collaboration. 

For more information or to book your workshop, please contact:

Jakob Feldtfos Christensen;; +45 40 44 38 19

Leadership in diverse research environments for aspiring researchers

This workshop is aimed for early stage researchers, or researcher heading a research team for the first time.

Leading research teams is a rewarding and critical part of being a researcher in higher education across the globe. Whether as a principal investigator (PI), work package leader, departmental or faculty research director or research team member we all have crucial roles to play to make research a success. As recent global events have shown there is a real value to global research collaborations and these collaborations will become only more common in the future as researchers tackle significant international challenges. Ensuring you have the skills to manage, negotiate, deliver and lead teams is critical. We are often not taught how to do this – we are expected to come out of a doctorate fully formed, ready to teach, research and provide administration! 

This workshop explores leadership principles and expectations for researchers that are aspiring to take leadership positions in higher education in a time of changing global demographics and challenges. 

It could be part of ETNs, COFUND applications (or similar) that work with several junior researchers who need to develop leadership skills in this specific area to become the leaders in research and innovation of tomorrow. It can be run as an introductory one-day workshop or for a more in-depth exploration over a longer period with an initial and final workshop with two digital follow-ups during the project.

Project kick-off workshop

Get the tools to get the most out of the project from the beginning

This workshop is aimed at kick-off meetings of research projects where the participants want to open the discussion on how to make diversity and internationalisation work in the project. It will be practical and bespoke to the individual project (project content, type of project, participants, length of project etc.). It can be combined with facilitating parts of the meeting and consultancy.