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We call it “The Diversity in Research Podcast”

The Diversity in Research Podcast

We talk to researchers, research mangers, authors and others about all things diversity and internationalisation in research and research management.

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Indigenous thinking and how it can save Higher Education

To start 2021 we chatted with Tyson Yunkaporta. Tyson is an indigenous activist, thinker and academic in Australia who challenges us all to think differently about the way we live and work. Indigenous communities around the world have lived in sync with the land and with each other for generations and these approaches to thinking and knowledge are profoundly different to what we might be used to. In this conversation we explore these ideas, how we can be more in tune with our surroundings and understand the power of simple and complex systems. Academia and the production of knowledge are key parts of the jigsaw of how the world works and we explore with Tyson how Indigenous thinking can change academia and what that means for knowledge. Prepare to be challenged, we certainly were!

Tyson’s book can be found here:

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