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Analysis, implementation, organisational change.

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We can help you analyse your organisation, department, research group or collaboration, providing an in depth understanding of your approach to diversity and internationalisation. Based on this we can support you in the strategic development of a more inclusive, equal and collaborating organisation.

We also work with individuals on research proposals, project development, leadership development and research strategy whether it be a single session of coaching on a specific problem or a longer-term partnership.

Below you can see some of our offers on analysis and organisational development.

  • Gender Equality Plans

    Does your institution´s Gender Equality Plan ensure your ability to apply for Horizon Europe funding?

    The European Commission has made it clear that as of 2022 it will be a requirement for institutions to have appropriate Gender Equality Plans (GEP) in order to apply for funding from Horizon Europe. Will your institution’s GEP stand up to scrutiny?

    We’re here to help you make sure that your institution’s GEP meets the requirements, so your proposals do not get rejected on that basis.

    Our goal is to secure your ability to apply for EU funding AND contribute to real organisational change that will impact research projects and improve application sections on method, management, societal impact and communication.

  • EDI and internationalisation analysis

    Our objective is to undertake an analysis to understand the process and contexts that enable EDI researchers (researchers with EDI protected characteristics. These may include LGBTQ+, those with a disability, those identifying as BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), women etc.) to engage in international research collaborations. This will include a review of existing strategies, policies and KPI’s within the university. We will support this through a literature review, gap analysis, benchmarking against best practice and interviews with key staff at the university. We also support capacity building through development of recommended training programmes and networking activity for EDI researchers across the university. This will be achieved through a consultation exercise based on focus groups and will produce a detailed assessment of needs and proposed support by EDI characteristic and faculty if requested.

    We will provide a foundation, enabling you to support both individual researchers who will feel more able to engage effectively with the development of the organisation’s work with equality, diversity and inclusion. Further to this, it will ensure that the university provides the structures to support positive international integration with other institutions, greater societal impact and engagement with public policy initiatives. This will support enhanced research impact at the university as well as the networks the university and its researchers are part of.