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Scientific excellence begins with thriving researchers

Our Approach

We try to strike a balance between idealism and pragmatism.

We are idealists when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion in research and research management. We believe that working with these topics can unlock potential in everybody, and especially in employees, colleagues and collaborators of minority background.

We are also idealists when it comes to the potential of international collaboration. The challenges of most research are global and can only be solved through global collaboration, and if we want to solve societal challenges, we want to include all parts of society in the world of research and research management.

We are however also realists. We know that this is difficult especially as this is comes close to our identities as groups and individuals. These are delicate topics that easily leads to hurt or conflict. But it is worth it and we believe it can be learned.

We are pragmatic in our approach. Strategies and policies are good, but we want to make a change in daily life for the principal investigators, project members, research managers etc, who are involved in developing new research proposals or involved in international research projects. We help you turn your good intentions into actions. We know that you’ll make mistakes (we do to), and that is part of it, as long as we keep trying and learn from our experiences.

Giving everybody the space to be themselves and bring their perspective to the table will lead to better research, broaden the talent pool give you a richer look at the world.

All our work is done in collaboration with Lachlan Smith of Cloud Chamber and Matt Daniels of Midan Ltd. Both are placed in the United Kingdom. They are both originally from Australia, and we are all out gay men.


Contact info

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Aarhus, Denmark