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Scientific excellence begins with thriving researchers

We help you make diversity work in international research


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The Diversity in Research Podcast

Scientific excellence begins with thriving researchers

Welcome to Diversiunity

Diversity is celebrated – and for good reason. It is as source of innovation, perspective and new knowledge. Today universities recruit internationally, take part in  research projects globally, send their researchers on research stays abroad, have visiting scholars, and host conferences. There is also a focus on talent development no matter gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability and social background while navigating this mix of cultures.

We help you make equality, diversity and inclusion work in international research environments and research administration.

We provide consultancy, workshops and online courses on diversity aimed at universities, researchers, research groups, research funders, academic publishers etc. looking for tools to make everybody thrive and perform at their best, because in the end scientific excellence begins with thriving researchers. 

Celebrating Diversity

Our Approach

a balance between idealism and pragmatism.

  • Better Reseach
    Thriving researchers will lead to better research

  • Inclusive environments and methods
    We include all parts of society to solve societal challenges

  • Change the work environment
    We want to make a change in daily life for all employees at universities

  • Talent attraction
    Attract the strongest talent no matter their background

  • Intentions to actions
    We help you turn you good intentions into actions

  • Global research
    The challenges of today’s research are global and solved in collaboration

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