Are you new to a research leadership role in higher education and want to use your own experience, knowledge and background to make you a better leader in an international context?

Do you aspire to lead your own international research project, a centre or department with a diverse workforce and want to understand different approaches to leadership, your own leadership style and be equipped to take the next step?

Leading research teams is a rewarding and critical part of being a researcher in higher education across the globe. Whether as a principal investigator (PI), work package leader, departmental or faculty research director or research team member we all have crucial roles to play to make research a success. As recent global events have shown there is a real value to global research collaborations and these collaborations will become only more common in the future as researchers tackle significant international challenges.

Managing and delivering research programmes can be challenging as well as rewarding. Adding in an international dimension with partners from all parts of the globe adds another layer of complexity. Ensuring you have the skills to manage, negotiate, deliver and lead teams is critical. We are often not taught how to do this – we are expected to come out of a doctorate fully formed, ready to teach, research and provide administration! Taking time out to reflect on and understand leadership is critical to research success and making you a better leader.

This workshop explores leadership principles and expectations for researchers that are aspiring to take leadership positions in higher education in a time of changing global demographics and challenges. Participants may have recently become a Principal Investigator on a research grant or are aspiring to lead your own research team. The workshop will be particularly relevant for researchers leading or collaborating in international research teams. By the end of the workshop participants will:

  1. Be able to articulate the challenges and opportunities for leadership as reflected in diverse research settings
  2. Gain an understanding of how your own life experiences and situations shape and motivate your practice
  3. Gain an understanding of the key principles of leadership and leadership styles that will inform and influence your own unique leadership style
  4. Have explored and determined their own leadership style
  5. Have developed an understanding of the impact of different leadership styles on organisational cultures, effectiveness and international research collaborations
  6. Have developed reflective communication skills for interpersonal relations and leading teams
  7. Developed an understanding of Conflict Resolution Key Strategies and Communication Tools

The workshop is developed in a collaboration among Jakob Feldtfos Christensen (DK), Lachlan Smith (UK) and Matthew Daniels (UK). Combined we have experience from the HE sector in research support, talent development, internationalisation of research, training of LGBT+ persons in leadership positions and research evaluation. We are all openly gay men and use our own experiences while recognising our biases, to create a workshop and a space where we can openly discuss a topic that is sensitive to many.

For more information or to book your workshop please contact:

UK – Lachlan Smith;; +44 7974 347 615

Europe – Jakob Feldtfos Christensen;; +45 40 44 38 19