Do you identify as LGBTQ+, have recently taken up a research role in Higher Education and want to gain leadership skills?

Do you work within an international research setting and need support to understand and develop your LGBTQ+ researcher identity?

Do you need help navigating the higher education research landscape as an LGBTQ+ researcher?

This workshop offers new academic researchers, who identify as LGBTQ+, to explore the different ways in which being LGBTQ+ can impact on higher education research careers, particularly within an international research collaboration context. Research shows that despite progress many LGBTQ+ people are not out at work and that identifying as LGBTQ+ can impact on career progress and a sense of wellbeing at work. Developing an understanding of how your personal experiences support the development of you as an LGBTQ+ researcher can also enhance your leadership and collaboration skills.

The session will help researchers to explore how your own experiences shape your leadership styles and approaches, enabling you to plan your research career. It will equip you with the information, tools and awareness to successfully navigate the international research arena and lead research teams in often complex partnerships. Held over two days the workshop would provide a safe but challenging space to develop strategies for leadership in higher education research. By the end of the workshop you will gain:

  1. An understanding of diversity in the workplace and specifically research settings
  2. An understanding of unconscious bias and key protected characteristics including race, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation
  3. Gain an understanding of key leadership styles that you will inform and influence your own unique leadership style and how people might respond to LGBTQ+ leaders
  4. Gain an understanding of how your own life experiences and situations shape and motivate your practice and leadership
  5. Better understand and develop reflective practice for future development opportunities
  6. Have gained valuable insights and developed practical plans to develop their own research career journeys over the next decade
  7. Built networks, contacts and connections with colleagues across higher education that will support and enable you to build stronger partnerships and closer collaborations

The first day of the workshop will explore diversity in an international context, an introduction to leadership styles and provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your own journey, raising self-awareness and creating an understanding of labels and intersectionality. Day two will explore ten-year career planning, conflict resolution techniques and finish with a facilitated discussion exploring research plans and how can you reach your goals.

The workshop is developed in a collaboration among Jakob Feldtfos Christensen (DK), Lachlan Smith (UK) and Matthew Daniels (UK). Combined we have experience from the HE sector in research support, talent development, internationalisation of research, training of LGBT+ persons in leadership positions and research evaluation. We are all openly gay men and use our own experiences while recognising our biases, to create a workshop and a space where we can openly discuss a topic that is sensitive to many.

For more information or to book your workshop please contact:

UK – Lachlan Smith;; +44 7974 347 615

Europe – Jakob Feldtfos Christensen;; +45 40 44 38 19