Research Diversity

Using cultural intelligence to support diverse international research management

Do you want to understand more about the value of diversity and how this impacts on the quality of research and research environments?

Do you want to create more inclusive research environments and increase diversity but are not sure where to start?

Researchers and research managers who are comfortable in their own skin are more effective, and no university can afford their staff not to perform at their best. Using participatory approaches and a cultural intelligence framework this Research Diversity Workshop will give you the tools to open up a conversation, navigate complexities and get the best out of your team.

The aim of the workshop is to work with participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with diverse workplaces and why this is important in international research contexts.
  • Understand what a diverse work environment may look like in an international HE research setting
  • Challenge assumptions and biases in regard to diversity and working in diverse environments
  • Be equipped to support the development of diverse work environments at their own institution as well as promote diverse practices both pre- and post-award.
  • Have tools for operationalizing diversity in research proposals.
  • Become part of a Europe wide network of research managers, administrators and researchers with expertise and interests in diversity in research.

The workshop is suitable for research managers and administrators, Principal Investigators and other researchers who want to create a positive environment, where everybody can contribute, and all kinds of diversity is seen as an asset for the group and the research project.

This four-hour workshop covers different types of diversity (nationality, culture, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, ability). Drawing on the experiences of LGBT+ persons and HE internationalisation, the workshop presents tools and strategies encompassing a broad definition of culture that can be used in all contexts including interdisciplinarity research settings. The workshop combines presentations with group exercises and time for individual reflection on praxis after the workshop.

The workshop can support wider consultancy with the research support office, the research group or the department with strategic development, individual coaching and evaluations.

The workshop is developed in a collaboration among Jakob Feldtfos Christensen (DK), Lachlan Smith (UK) and Matthew Daniels (UK). Combined we have experience from the HE sector in research support, talent development, internationalisation of research, training of LGBT+ persons in leadership positions and research evaluation. We are all openly gay men and use our own experiences while recognising our biases, to create a workshop and a space where we can openly discuss a topic that is sensitive to many.

For more information or to book your workshop please contact us.